Quasar SPA build deployment stuck

Hello !
I try do deploy my frontend every time I push on master
A push on master triggers a netlify deploy which runs quasar build, and the output build ends in my dist folder.
My problem : impossible to exit the build process running quasar build… I’m stuck, though the build worked and the new frontend is in the dist folder

1:16:27 PM:  Build succeeded
1:16:27 PM:  Build mode........ spa
1:16:27 PM:  Pkg quasar........ v1.15.11
1:16:27 PM:  Pkg @quasar/app... v2.2.5
1:16:27 PM:  Debugging......... no
1:16:27 PM:  Publishing........ no
1:16:27 PM:  Transpiled JS..... yes (Babel)
1:16:27 PM:  ==================
1:16:27 PM:  Output folder..... /opt/build/repo/frontend/dist/spa
1:16:27 PM:  Tip: Built files are meant to be served over an HTTP server
1:16:27 PM:       Opening index.html over file:// won't work
1:16:27 PM:  Tip: You can use "$ quasar serve" command to create a web server,
1:16:27 PM:       both for testing or production. Type "$ quasar serve -h" for
1:16:27 PM:       parameters. Also, an npm script (usually named "start") can
1:16:27 PM:       be added for deployment environments.
1:16:27 PM:       If you're using Vue Router "history" mode, don't forget to
1:16:27 PM:       specify the "--history" parameter: "$ quasar serve --history"

Could someone help me on how to exit the process at the end ?

Welcome to the forums @alexandre.caumette

I have not heard of quasar before, however looking at How it works on the website there are two options when building:

quasar build


quasar build -m pwa

Are you using quasar build as your build script? If no, what are you using?

Can you provide your build settings, or perhaps share your git repository?

my build settings is the following command : npm run build
as in my package.json I have a script "build": "quasar build"
and they I ask netlify to look for the files in the frontend/dist/spa folder, where is the build output

The short snippet of your build log provides very little information.

Are you able to share your git repository?