Proxying to other Netlify app stopped working? Weird

I have a main website (repo) being served by Netlify app on a custom domain.
Similarly other sub-parts of the main website have their own repo/app:

The two sub-parts above for example are configured in the main website repo via proxying like (in netlify.toml)

  from = "/economics/ace/ace-hlsr/*"
  to = ""
  status = 200
  force = true

  from = "/economics/cba/standard-inputs/*"
  to = ""
  status = 200
  force = true

This allows to navigate to any page in the Standard Inputs book with a URL for the main website, like

The problem now is that the navigation via the sidebar and page navigation (see arrows in attached screenshot) used to work in the near past (say at least till March 2023) but do not anymore.

For example side navigation link for “Medium term capacity planning” points to instead of

The processing of the redirect from the deploy logs do not show any issues: I am wondering whether something on the Netlify side has changed recently on proxying/redirect front.

Thanks in advance for any feedbacks/hints at a solution

Try disabling pretty URLs in your site settings for now, there is a bug investigation on going and in the meantime this is the current fix.

Thanks @biruwon .
As suggested I disabled Pretty URLs on the sub-parts Netlify apps I mentioned above, redeployed
them and all seems to work now.

Is there a way to monitor the evolution of the issue in order to eventually re-enable Pretty URLs?

Thanks again for the hint

Hi @espinielli,

This issue is being tracked privately. We’ll let you know here once it’s resolved.

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