Proxy Configuration for Dockerized DigitalOcean Application

Hello, first of all thank you for this great tool.

I have a netlify panel that proxies into my dockerized application.

Netlify Panel :
Dockerized App : (Just assuming)

Here is my _redirects file:

/yayinci/*  200

So, whenever I visit, I want to see my dockerized application. It works, but it doesn’t load my dockerized application’s javascript and css files.

Because it sends request into url to fetch javascript and other files.

But if i manage to set that request url into it will work.

I don’t have any idea what to do in this situation. Any idea to solve this problem?

Edit : If you visit page, go through “network” tab of the browser and you will see list of requests. It would be clearer to understand i guess.

Hi @hasanmuzak,

At the moment, the mentioned URL gives a 502 so I can’t really check. But, the second last point here might be of interest:

Sorry, I was testing different stuff. I did rollback just now so you can try again. I’m reading your suggestion right now. Thank you for your respond.

Hey @hasanmuzak,

Yes, I was able to see it now and this problem can definitely be solved by adding a <base> tag.