Provide more information about event triggered functions

Hi everyone,

I need more information on how the event triggered functions are working what kind of data structure it uses.
There’s not much information in the documentation i was hoping to get some clarifications.

I secretly hoped mocking these functions will work on netlify-dev. I need this because i want to generate a lighthouse-ci score on every new PR, see more details here.
So can somebody help me out with some more details, i might be able to update the docs and even help out with mocking the event triggered functions in netlify-dev.

I’m not sure how event-triggered functions would ever affect your lighthouse score. Those are ONLY executed by netlify upon receipt of some event such as a form submission or deploy - NEVER by your visitors’ browsers, where performance matters.

That said, we don’t have great documentation about what “comes into” those functions, as you noticed. I’d suggest just printing the input from inside the function to see its “shape” so you can see e.g. what the array of form submission data or build information looks like. That will at least help you make some progress in the implementation of your logic :slight_smile:

i agree and just made this pr to improve the local testing story on netlify dev:

however this doesnt replace docs at all which we urgently need.