Problems with Nextjs deploying

Hi, I had to port a website from React to Next.js. It’s my first time working with Next.js, and while my project runs correctly on localhost, when I tried to deploy it i encountered this error message

The site name is

I have no idea why this happens, but when i build it locally, it seems that it does not build the page in app/page.js, wich is supposed to be the homepage. What should I do?
(also the website uses dynamic pages, can that generate problems of sort?)

Hi @AndrenucciAndrea,

Thanks for reaching out! I’m sorry to hear about the error you’re running into.

Could you try pinning the Next.js version to 13.4.9 in your package.json file and rebuilding and seeing if the problem persists?

Thanks, I managed in the end to solve the problem. Apparently it was a problem with dynamic pages.

Have a nice day!

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