Problems logging into CMS - endless loop - using github auth, gatsby

this is heartening… :flushed: any tips for how they can be addressed?

It’s always* mistake on side of developer. He need to properly configure gateway. But i had infinite loop caused by one of my webbrowser addons. So you need to deactivate addons and check which one cause whole problem. Mostly: adblockers; ghostery and similiars;cookie editors;css exfil protection and other shields against suspicious parts of code.

@uberannie sorry to hear the issue is still happening.
Let’s try and focus on the logs and errors we can reproduce.
Is the only current standing issue is with Firefox as mentioned here?

If so, I think my comment from here Problems logging into CMS - endless loop - using github auth, gatsby - #17 by erez might be still relevant.

Otherwise, what is/are the current issue/s team members are experiencing? We should have a clear list of what is resolved and what is not.

I’m having a similar issue trying to login to my Gatsby site netlify CMS with GitHub or Google Authentication. But when I try to login, I get “Your Git Gateway backend is not returning valid settings. Please make sure it is enabled.” It is most definitely enabled.

Clearing cache and cookies just allowed me to complete external authentication. Otherwise, the Login with Netlify Identity Button just repeats the error message.

I solved my issue by customizing my authentication email templates (saved to the Gatsby project “/static/admin/” folder where the Netlify CMS lives) following this post.

For noobs like me, it is worth pointing out that when you point Netlify to the location of these custom email templates in Settings->Identity->Emails, you drop the static folder, so the location for me was: “/admin/invitation.html”

For Netlify folks looking at this, please update the NetlifyCMS instructions for Gatsby. These instructions do not work if you’re not using Identity for sitewide login (and only want login to NetlifyCMS for yourself/small team for a personal website). Given that this is a known issue with email confirmation setup, the quickstart steps should direct changes to custom email templates to target the /admin/ site in the common case where Identity is not working for the site as a whole, OR streamline installation in a way that obviates this set of steps.

Also, it would be useful to at least link out to other posts that provide a bit more detail about setting up logins and how the CMS system should behave (I take it basically the same way on the server and local side) would help lower the hurdles for those just getting started with Netlify, Gatsby, Hugo, etc. The current instructions are too brief IMO.

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Hi @drwilkins, welcome to the community and sorry for taking this long to respond.
Thank you for sharing your solution.
When using the Gatsby CMS plugin it adds the identity widget to the root on the site by default (and to the CMS sub path e.g. admin), so customising emails templates shouldn’t be required.
Can you share the steps you performed?
It would make it easier to improve the docs.
Regardless we are always open to contributions to the docs and the CMS in general :smiley:

I just had the same issue right now. This never happens to me, but all of a sudden it did right now. I will check out the solution, but I should not have to make any changes to my config because it normally works! What could be going on? All I do is click on the button, it takes me to a login with email and password or via Github, and when I click on Github, it takes me back to the identity button. Please advise. Right now I cannot post to my blog.

@interglobalmedia - one thing to quickly check, does this problem also occur in an incognito window?

It shouldn’t really suddenly appear, especially if it didn’t previously. Sometimes browser extensions can cause strange behaviour, so a check in a clean browser is always helpful.