Problems installing certificate (certificate Private key did not match certificate)

Hello netlify team,

I have been having a problem with the installation of my SSL certificate in my domain but it has been impossible because I get the error: Certificate Private key not match certificate.

Does this have to do with the conversion of the .crt and .pem files?

hi there, is this the same situation that is being described here?

Hello Perry,

It is not the same situation, I have 3 files, one .crt, another .pem and the bundle.crt

If I put the private key with which the certificate was generated in GoDaddy next to my .crt or .pem file, it appears that the certificate does not match the Private key.

It doesn’t match either of them.

OK, you’ll need to work with godaddy on that - we don’t know anything about their certs and we can’t change them for you or help you debug conversions you’ve done or what format they have sent you :slight_smile: What I know is that you need what is described here: HTTPS (SSL) | Netlify Docs

and you will want these things (with example formats shown :))

  • the certificate itself, in X.509 PEM format (usually a .crt file)

This should start with something like:


and end with something like:

  • the private key you used to request the certificate

Should start with something like:


and end with:

  • a chain of intermediary certificates from your Certificate Authority (CA)

This should be a single file, but may be several certificates concatenated together in the file, looking like:


and ending with


(note there may be many similar stanzas in the same file, or only one; both ways can be valid).

Hope that helps!

Hey there, @mbolanos :wave:

I just wanted to follow up here and let you know that as a result of your question, we have written a support guide outlining tips for bringing your own custom SSL certificates to Netlify. Thanks for starting this conversation back in February. Hopefully future Forums members who find themselves in a similar situation will find this useful!

Happy building :rocket: