Problem trying to Disable Sentry Plugin in Netlify's Config Menu

Hey there!

I’m trying to remove the Sentry plugin now from one of my deploys but for some reason it just crashes whenever I click on “View” in the Sentrys plugin.

My cookies are enabled, location as well, no adblocker is ON and this still happens.
Is this a known issue? I need to remove this plugin because it’s preventing my project to be built :frowning:

Hi @grafiniti,

Thanks for reaching out! Sorry for the issue.

There was a similar issue that was fixed within the last 15 minutes. Could you try again and let us know if you’re still having issues? If you are having issues, could you link us to the site or provide the site name (example

Hey Melvin!

It worked fine now :slight_smile: thanks a lot!!

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