Problem error 500

Hello Netlify team,

we have several problems on our websites.
1- On the website, we have an internal server error - request id: 01fxqh1nka83vt66hdnzw1dshd netlify
and the loading of css and js files is random with 500 errors in console.

2- We also have redirection errors.
this redirection does not work

from = “/api-production/*”
to = “”
status = 200
force = true

this redirection does not work in https
from = “/newbackend-production/*”
to = “”
status = 200
force = true

in direct access it’s ok

These two problems are completely critical for us, and we have to stop all deployments.

Thank you for your quick feedback.

hi there patrick,

for your redirects issue, you might read through this guide and see if anything in there fixes your problem:

as far as your second problem, regarding 500 errors - we generally send 500 errors back to the requester if something with your code cannot be executed properly.

what have you tried so far to debug this? what kind of code are you running at that URL? is it a function?