Prisma Support for Edge Functions - env var


I’m trying to get Prisma Data Proxy to work on the edge functions and there is 1 missing piece, which is access to the environment variables in the schema.prisma file.

A prisma schema reads its database url from the environment as follows:

datasource db {
  url      = env("DATABASE_URL")

This environment variable is set both in a .env and in the env variables in the site’s settings, but when running you get:

◈ Failed to run Edge Function server:
InvalidDatasourceError: Datasource "db" references an environment variable "DATABASE_URL" that is not set

This is because apparently you need to read the env variables with Deno.env.get() (Edge Functions API | Netlify Docs), but such call is not supported by Prisma (only strings and the env() function is allowed).

When I set the database string directly in the datasource, everything works.

I think supporting Prisma for the edge functions is a big traction feature, is there any way I can already solve this?


Hey @ticup , thanks for the feedback! I’ll submit this as a feature request to our product team so they can take it into consideration for new improvements to our service. Let us know if you have any other questions!