Primary Domain Not Displaying Same As Netlify Domain

Currently I am having issues with, what appears to me, caching on the Primary domain. Attempting to load will return a Netlify 404. However if I go to it finds the route just fine.

My local runs fine. Oddly enough when I make the attempt through my cell phone I am able to load the primary domain fine. My wife’s cell phone gets the 404 error.

I’ve done the Clear Cache and Deploy. Again, since it loads fine under the Netlify domain I don’t feel the issue is with my code, but rather something else. I’m stuck.

Additionally, I removed a temp /about page from the Repo. The Primary .com domain still loads the /about however the Netlify domain shows the site’s 404 redirect correctly.

hey there,

i am pulling this up and seeing the same results on both sites - see image. This might be a DNS issue - it does take time for DNS to settle in globally across all networks.

I used and you’re right. It looks like it is working everywhere else but my office. Thanks! I should have checked that earlier.

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