Pretty URLs Not Working

I enabled pretty URLs, but it still shows the .html on the website Imagina Daycare | About Us | Palo Alto, CA not sure what to do. I have asset optimization disabled if it matters. I have got it to work on a different site but not this one.

@gamwebsites The Pretty URL’s feature that is shown under Asset Optimization is an Asset Optimization.

You will need to ensure it is enabled, and perform a fresh build for it to have any impact.

Please note that it doesn’t perform redirects, it just searches your files to adjust the href= values after your build completes.

Additional explanation here:


My understanding, based on the description written under it, is that it scans and changes your HTML to remove references to URLs ending in .html , so if you had a link of href="/about.html" , it would adjust your code to href="/about" .

This is the functionality that I am trying to do, but it is not working. If you go to the home page here and then click “About Us” it redirects to has the page go to /about.html because the href has not been adjusted to /about

@gamwebsites Checking the UI just now (it’s been a while since I’ve been in there), and I see that Pretty URL’s is now a separate option from the Asset Optimizations, and thus I would expect that it operates separately from them.

If it wasn’t turned on when you performed your previously build, you will just need to ensure that it is on and that you perform a fresh build.

yeah I already have it turned on, and have made commits since then, so I assume it has been rebuilt.