Plugin failure should not fail the build and deploy the site

Site :

I am using a plugin checklinks. When there is any error the build fails. But I want that it should just warn and build the site. We can check the summary later.

So is there any deploy configuration or setting which we could use.

Hi @dmittal-delphix

Have you checked out the documentation for this plugin?

Note: this plugin is it developed by a third-party so you may need to contact the developer.

Yes I checked the documentation. But i want is it could be any plugin
but the deploy should not fail based on the plugin error or any post build commands, if thats possible.

Hi @dmittal-delphix,

It’s up to the plugin to decide whether to fail the build or just warn. If the plugin sends an error exit code, Netlify will fail the build. If the plugin simply logs everything to console and send a successful exit code, the deploy would work fine. As @coelmay, you’d have to contact the developer to add such a functionality or fork it and modify it yourself.