Plan required for gated sections of a website?

Good day all,

Excuse me if it’s been asked before, if so please will you point me to the information.

My situation is that I’d like to deploy a simple website generated with Hugo. There will be a section which I’d like to be password protected. The authentication can be handled by Netlify’s identity.

My question is though, what plan do I need for this functionality? I saw that for ‘Role-based access control’ I’ll need a plan that costs up to $500 per month? Is this what I require for what I want to achieve?

Hi Darren,

If you want JWT role based access control then yes, you need to be on the Business plan or above, which costs $500.00/month. If you just want to have a shared password for a specific route or for the entire account then you can do this with our $45.00/month plan, though that’s usually used more for protecting the site during development rather than on your live since since it doesn’t allow you to take advantage of our CDN. JWT role verification does happen on the CDN edge node that receives the request.