Personalize thank-you-page redirect through params from fields

We can configure a custom redirect through the action attribute.

Say we have a ‘contact’ form with a name field…
It would be nice to ‘personalize’ the thank-you-page:

Thank you {name},
…we will get back to you shortly

This seems a very common use-case but I could not find much.

Maybe there is a way our action="/thanks" could be something like action="/thanks?name" where ?name would be replaced on-redirect with the passed form field or (select) submitted form fields could be passed ‘back’ through headers etc.?

Hi @davidhund

This is possibly not the solution you were looking for, but if using AJAX to submit a form, you could append a ?name=PERSON_NAME to the redirect URL then check for and output the value on the thank you page.

Thanks — using AJAX would be possible, yes. Even simpler, maybe, would be to set a (shortlived) cookie onSubmit and read that out. Both feel suboptimal though…