Password Protect pages individually Jekyll


I’m building a Jekyll site at the moment which I’m going to password protect individual pages with different passwords. I was wondering if that’s possible?

Thank you!

The simplest way is to use HTTP Authentication Headers like this: Password protection | Netlify Docs. However, it’s not possible for free.

Thank you for reply! I’m purchasing the Pro package.

Going to sound daft but is this correct. Effectively, you place the _header file at the top root of your site and then specify which pages you will like to password protect in that file by providing the root and the password below it. I just have to do that for every page I would like to do that with.

Yes. That seems about right.

However, if you don’t want a different password for each page and are fine with a simple authentication for free, you can also have a look at Role-based access control with JWT | Netlify Docs. This gets the same work done to some extent, but with a little more efforts. If you have a lot of pages to protect, the above method might get troublesome, but if you need a different password for each page, then I suppose the above way is the only way.

Thank you for the help! Password Protect does seem the best fit - you’re right. I just need a password page no need for creating users, etc.

I’ll give this set a try and see how it goes! Thank you for the help, really appreciate it.