Pageview for single page applicatio

I am deployed a single page application(react), so we have only one index file but different routing component, when I load the the first time the server serves the response to client machine, so my question how netlify can able to calculate different page in url, like I have route for login and another one for home if visitors visits these two page how netlfy can find in single page application

@Jayakumar This may not be what you’re asking, but have you seen this:

If it isn’t what you’re asking, please provide more details.

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No this is not related to this issue, I was asking about netlify metrics features, actually my question is, I have single page application(react) and I have two route urls like /login and /script, so when I navigate this urls I can see in pageviews count for this two urls,I think react single page based applications not hitting the netlify server, when you navigate another route because client side routing. so then how could you can able to measure, there any event implicitly triiggered in netlify server, when I navigate the route?

@Jayakumar Netlify Analytics isn’t really designed to work with SPA’s which you can see discussed in this 4 year old thread:

Netlify Analytics works based on the CDN server logs which is outlined in the documentation: