Page not found when the URL contains a query param with dot

I use a 3rd party authentication in my web app that returns authorization code via query params back to my app.

However, the code contains a dot sometimes and netlify throws that page is not found. Everything works fine when the code doesn’t contain a dot or I try it locally.

It’s ok when the URL looks like this:
And it’s page not found when URL is like this:

How should I handle this redirect from an external site when I do not have any control over what’s returned? Why is the netlify does not capture a query param with a dot?

I can no longer use netlify services due that. Any advices to go around this issue?

hi raugustinas, we are still investigating this issue - and i will circle back here once i have more information.

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Hey there!

Would you happen to have an x-nf-request-id where this is failing? A reproduction of this would be super handy too, for us to pass on to our traffic team. Thanks!

Hello Pie!

Here’s the request id: a5f5768a-2292-4483-8cc5-afc4ed1dbae4-7141654

Hey @raugustinas,

Thanks ever so much for that! I’ve taken a look at the site and there’s no functions, and no redirects.

There is also no page at https://[yourdomain].com/redirect so I’m unsure on how anything is loading.

On any Netlify site, you can test that query parameters with dots are handled OK. For example, shows test: in my browser’s dev tools, and loads correctly.

Would you be able to elaborate on how the URL is used, or parsed to the external site?