"Page not Found" / Build is successful, but website is not live

Believed Problems:

  1. I don’t think I have my Base Directory, Build Command, or Publish Directory set up correctly. My website is mostly HTML, so I don’t know what to put for the publish directory.

I checked that all my code is inside a Public folder, and it is.
I checked that I have an index.html there, and I do.

Here is my GitHub repo: GitHub - ryanshumway/portfolio: Personal Website

Any suggestions?

Hey @ryanshumway

The site is inside portfolio-website/public of the repository. You have two options:

  1. Move to the content to the root of the repository; or
  2. Set the publish directory in the build settings to portfolio-website/public.

Do also note there are two SSH keys (private and public) in the repository. You should discard these and generate new keys. And remember not to push such sensitive information to a public respository.

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Thanks @coelmay.

So I just need to set the publish directory to portfolio-website/public, I’ll give that a try.
Thanks for the feedback on the SSH keys. I’m looking in my folder, and I’m not sure how you’re seeing those SSH keys… is it the Github.pub file?

I’m new to development, and I’m learning on my own… so how do I have an SSH key, and not have it in a repository?

Yes, the Github and Github.pub. On macOS/Linux SSH keys are generally stored in the .ssh directory in a user’s home directory.

I see you have now deleted these keys. Do note they are still visible in the commit history.

Thanks for explaining @coelmay, I went ahead and created new SSH keys.
Hate to keep bothering you. Your help on getting the publish directory got my site up! Yay!

None of my images or links work though. Any ideas here?

You need to change the src attribute for all <img> elements. You also need to change the href attribute for all <a> elements. In all cases, remove /public from the beginning.


Thanks for helping me out @coelmay, you’re awesome!

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