Page not found although build successful

Hi, can you help?

Site is showing page not found.

  • Netlify site name:`
  • Build has succeeded and when I download files from the latest deploy and open index.html, there is just a redirect url to the correct homepage (overview.html).

Is there more configuration required for an automatic redirect from index.html to overview.html?

Thank you.

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Hi @angelas, if possible can you share a repository of your site for me to help with the debugging.

Hi there,

@clarnx, Here’s a link to the repo: hazelcast-commandline-client/docs at main · hazelcast/hazelcast-commandline-client · GitHub


Hi @angelas, thanks for the feedback and sharing the repository.
I can see you are using Antora as your static-site generator.

First of all since you want to deploy the sub-folder called docs in your repository, when you are deploying from GitHub in your Netlify UI dashboard, you have to specify the below as your build settings.

Base directory: docs
Build command: npm run build
Publish directory: docs/docs

Your build settings in the package.json is

"build": "antora --to-dir docs --fetch antora-playbook.yml"

Since you specified --to-dir docs, it means that the site will be generated into a sub-folder called docs in the base directory called docs. Hence the Publish directory must be docs/docs. docs/docs will contain the html files and assets which will be served by Netlify.

Kindly try the suggestions above and then redeploy again. Your site should display as expected.

Let me know the outcome.


Hi @clarnx,

That is working fine now. Appreciate your fast response. Thank you!


Hello @angelas, good to know the suggestions helped.

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Awesome suggestions, @clarnx :raised_hands:

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