"Page not Found" after successful deploy angular site. Present index.html in root


Still having “Page not found” after many deploys.

Site: https://sprightly-tapioca-dc7edf.netlify.app/

I can download a zip from netlify and run it local. It has in the root an index.html

Help appreciated.

Hey @jansuierveld

This error means there is not an index.html deployed at the root of the site.

What deployment method are you using? If deploying from git, can you share the repository? Can you also share what build settings you are using?

Are you able to show the file structure of the zip you downloaded?

github: GitHub - jansuierveld/tjeerd_blog at tjedo
deployment from git:

downloaded zip

So you’ll find that the site is actually under https://sprightly-tapioca-dc7edf.netlify.app/tjeerd_blog/, as per the structure of the zip archive.

This is in line with the configuration in the project angular.json

"outputPath": "dist/tjeerd_blog",

Either changing this value to dist, or changing the publish directory to dist/tjeerd_blog will remedy the Page Not Found error.

Yes!! That was it.Thank you so much.