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Our website blocked in Russia?

Hello netlify team,

I have a question comes from our users that, https://iris-go.com hosted at netlify is blocked in Russia. As reported at: https://github.com/kataras/iris/issues/1394.

We want to know, if possible:

1. If that is true
2. If it’s true whats wrong with it and how can we fix it?
3. If it’s not true then what happens, is a specific user’s issue or Russia has blocked netlify?

EDIT: 1.

It’s true, the IP: is blocked because in the past, it was shared(?) with other domain in your servers. Source: https://isitblockedinrussia.com/?host=iris-go.com

Thank you a lot,
Gerasimos Maropoulos. Author of the Iris Web Framework

hi there, as I mentioned here and here

we are currently actively working on resolving this, and hope to have news for you on this soon.

thanks for your patience.

we have an update on access to our services in Russia! Please see this thread: