Origin header with redirect

Say I have website.com and has redirect configuration for /api to https://api.com which essentially an Express app with CORS setup for both domains. When I look at req.get('origin') I got nothing. What can I expect from this value? And what would be the best way to capture website.com as origin?

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Am I being naïve or would a proxy rewrite sort you out? :stuck_out_tongue:

Hi @Pie,

That’s exactly what I did with proxy rewrite. I know I can add custom headers but I just need to pass through the origin, does that make sense?

Hey @spondbob,
Would referer work for you?

I think so, express should easily pull that from header data. I haven’t really tried it but what can I expect from referer with a request coming from Netlify’s redirect?

From what I can see if I make a fetch request within the app I can easily pull origin and referrer. But if I hit straight the redirect endpoint to browser address bar, I got none of them. Is it something expected with redirect implementation? In this case what would be the best way to get website.com as origin? @Pie @jen


I think you’re gonna wanna do something like this and add the referrer as needed :+1:!