Optimizations coming to build caching - no user changes needed

Over the course of the next week, we’ll be rolling out a minor change to our caching strategy for builds.

Previously, we saved the full /opt/buildhome/.cache directory for all users at the end of each build.

For users with a requirements.txt file in their build directory, we restored /opt/buildhome/.cache at the start of the next build.

Moving forward, we will only save /opt/build/.cache/pip at the end of each build, rather than the full .cache directory.

User impact

  • This will improve the speed of saving and restoring the cache for all users :tada:
  • There will be no change to caching of Python packages installed with Pip.
  • Files in /opt/buildhome/.cache not related to Pip will not longer by restored from the cache.
    • This was already the case for users without a requirements.txt file in their build directory. It will now be the case for all users.