On redirection to app getting Page not found


I have the website https://movietimeapp.netlify.app/
I have added a third party authorization module due to which the user is redirected to that particular website and after logging in is redirected back to my website at the following route https://movietimeapp.netlify.app/profile
However I am getting page not found error for the same even though my site is live and all things up and running as expected.

Requesting some help

Hi Nikhil,

There is no file at /profile.html or /profile/index.html, so the 404 is expected. Perhaps you use a site that has a router in index.html, and you’ve forgotten the single page app redirect on it?

Im sorry could you please elaborate since I’m new to the entire process so its difficult for me to wrap my head around this.
My application is a SPA and thus i want to redirect it to a specific route(/profile) instead of / route. But from what I understood i wont be able to do that and will have to redirect the user to / route only.

hmm, i’m not quite sure I 100% get it, but is this relevant at all?

That somewhat solves my query but then Im left with an issue i.e. I wont be able to share or forward any specific page/route to anyone since it would give a 404 and I would have to compulsorily redirect the user to / route

No, all URL’s work correctly when you set that up as described in the docs :slight_smile:

  • The ones that you have explicit files for (e.g. /test.html) we’ll serve directly,
  • for other ones, we’ll pass on to your router who will serve the correct file without changing the browser location (so https://yoursite/someroute will still show, even if index.html is used to serve that request).

If that isn’t working, please show us the deploy with the redirect enabled (you can link us to its logs page as an easy shortcut), and tell us a URL that doesn’t work as you’re expecting, and we’ll be able to advise more directly.