Old version of website shown, works in incognito


My site: https://diezlineas.netlify.app/ is not reflecting the changes I just pushed. It only shows the old version. I can see them on incognito mode though. I tried disabling the cache in chrome developer tools, but nothing. I also triggered another deploy and nothing.

I can also see the changes in the preview thumbnail from my netlify account admin site.

Thank you

hi there,

without knowing what i am supposed to see (maybe you can post a screenshot?) I can’t be sure i am seeing the right version:

If you are able to see the correct version in an incognito window, it must be a cache problem. (I am assuming you have cleared your browser cache?)

Do you have a service worker that may have cached your site?

Hi, thanks for the response! It has now started to work correctly so it must be some caching issue somewhere. Next time it happens, I will try deactivating chrome’s service worker to see if that helps. Thanks

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