OG Tags not working on custom domain

I’d like to ask your help in connection with a case involving the rendering of head section on netlify domain and custom domain resulting in different orde rhaving problem with og pulled by Facebook debugger, since they are rendered to the end of head elements. I did some research, found several connecting questions, but none of them had an actual solution.

Basically the debugger doesn’t reach the meta tags as they’re rendered to the end of the head section and the style part is way too long. I believe it’s related with Netlify, since the Netlify domain just works fine when dropped to the debugger. Do you know any successful workaround for this problem? The page is gatsby based, the netlify domain is this and the custom domain is this

Netliify serves the same content on both the versions. I don’t see any difference in your case too.

Strange, now I also don’t see the difference in source I saw before, but how is it possible that the debugger still scrape it differently?

No. the degugger will also scrap it in the same way. However, when the link is degugged or shared before, Facebook doesn’t fetch new information straightaway. You need to click on a button that says Fetch new information or something like that.

Look, the raw tags also doesn’t include the ones it should be, even though I hit “Scrape Again” right now for both. What could be the reason?

It’s strange. It seems to be an issue with Facebook I guess as it’s still using URL from Asset Optimization.

EDIT: It’s possible that Facebook is trying to get OG tags from the base URL that is https://www.reconfilms.hu/ and not Recon Films as that’s the value in the og:url tag. However, your base path doesn’t have any OG tags now, so Facebook is probably using the ones it had scraped first. Try adding new tags to your base URL, or use the correct URL in the og:url tag.

Thanks, I’ll give that a try, do appreciate that you looked into it!