Nuxt Static website slow image rendering

Hi guys,

I am new to Netlfiy and deploying a website via github as well as its only my second time deploying a Nuxt PWA.

I am having issues with the length of time the images are taking to load on my netlify website.

Netlify SIte name: epic-haibt-b049fc
Custom Domain:

github repo that holds the code to my site:

I have enabled Netlify’s image optimisation features, but the result is still the same. I am noticing a slight delay as if there is a lazy load. (Maybe I should be overriding this in Nuxt?)

I am just not sure what the root cause is, if its a Nuxt issue or its a Netlify issue. When I tested this on my local machine, obviously there was no delay.

Thanks for any help or direction.

hi there, welcome. how big are these images that you are trying to render? that would be my first question to help us understand what is happening here.