Nuxt is compiling Firebase Functions


So I’m trying to deploy my repo but Nuxt keeps trying to compile the firebase functions folder, so the build crashes with:

9:47:54 AM: ERROR in /opt/build/repo/functions/src/index.ts
9:47:54 AM: ERROR in /opt/build/repo/functions/src/index.ts(1,28):
9:47:54 AM: 1:28 Cannot find module ‘firebase-functions’.
9:47:54 AM: > 1 | import * as functions from ‘firebase-functions’;

This does not happen in localhost, only in Netlify. Why is Nuxt trying to build the functions folder here in Netlify only?

My instance is:


At a guess, you have a different configuration here than there, which behaves differently. Have you read this article about debugging builds? It shows you how to make sure we use the same version locally and in our CI, which resolves many “works here and not there” problems: