Nuxt App Deployment Issue

I’m trying to deploy my Universal Nuxt application to Netlify, but it does not seem to work. How do I solve this?

I tried using SPA mode and also Static mode. However, I could not get the Nuxt API proxy module working, nor the middlewares.

Also, according to the Netlify docs, I also set up the netlify config file to set up proxy redirects from /api to my server running on another domain. That did not work too. So I’m back to square one with my issue.

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

hello, sorry to hear you are having trouble! In order to know how we can help, we need to know a little more about what you are trying to do and why you say it isn’t working.

Do you have a deploy/build log with some errors you can show us?
Do you have any error messages you are describing?

If you are having issues with redirects or your netlify.toml then those are also files we would need to see in order to help.

Hi, there are generally no errors the site is working fine. The issue is I cannot get the api requests to work.

Here’s my netlify.toml content

  from = "/api"
  to = "https://myserver/internal/api/v1"
  status = 200
  force = true
  headers = {X-From = "Netlify"}

The api requests are not redirected to my api server but goes to the netlify server and returns the 404 page.

hey there,

I’m NOT a redirects expert, but, from reviewing our docs on this you may be dealing with headers in way we can’t process properly.

Can you take a look at these configurations and see if that is helpful?