Nuxt 3 and serverless functions

I have deployed a Nuxt 3 site that contains nothing but the default Nuxt 3 configuration and after deployment I noticed that a server function has been created which I assume is for server-side rendering. However, if I’m understanding the Netlify price plans correctly, the free, pro and even business tiers only get 125k requests per month to the serverless functions and so far each page refresh I do seems to count as a request.

Could I have missed something in the configuration? If I haven’t then it doesn’t feel like Netlify is commercially viable for Nuxt 3 and SSR as that limit would be hit very quickly.

No plan is limited for Functions. You get unlimited on all. On Free and Pro, you get 125k for free, and are charged $25 for every additional 2 million invocations. On Business, it’s unlimited without any additional fee.

Also, not sure why you think it’s not commercially viable - a site with more than 1,25,000 page views a month should probably be able to pay $25 for 2 million requests.

Thanks for the reply.

First of all I’d like to point out that the Netlify pricing page just says its $25+ when exceeded, as far as I can see it doesn’t say per 2 million does it? 2 million for $25 would be a lot more reasonable though.

125k per site per month for a basic site would be fine but as these are not unique page views I can see that number being reached easily with heavy search engine bot traffic or other bots scanning of the site for vulnerabilities.

Would love to use Netlify especially to make use of your Identity feature but compared to certain other rivals I’m not so convinced Netlify is yet the best option for Nuxt 3 with SSR.

Thanks for confirming though.