Number of DNS records

How many DNS records can be added in netlify ?
Also the number of sub domain that I can create and have individual cname or A records.
my domain dns is already hosted in netlify dns.
I am on the free plan.

Hi @Siddharth,

There’s no limit on the number of DNS records. The limit however is the number of answers a single record can have. That limit is 250 records. For example, adding 4 TXT records for the same subdomain would count as 4 answers.


Hi, can you please point out where can I find ZONE_ID as it’s a necessity using API

Hi @Siddharth
In the DNS config page of our UI, you should see a line that looks like this: _netlify.<your domain name>. 3600 IN TXT "netlify-verification=<your zone ID>". The value inside the quotation marks is your ZONE_ID.

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@SamO Can’t find it
Can you please specify the page where the details are ?

Hi, @Siddharth. We have a support guide about how to find this information here:

To summarize, make the change in the web UI and the network tab of devtools will contain the working example of the API call.

I believe you are trying to get this API call working:

If so the zone_id is the domain name name delegated to Netlify changed into “slug format”. To summarize, you cannot have a “dot” (the character .) in URL path segment (which is where this zone_id is found) so the dots must be changed to underscores (_).

If your domain name is the zone id in the slug format is example_com.