NPM prebuild script is being skipped

I have a prebuild script node ./src/lib/generate-api-doc.js.
npm run dev is working and the site is building, but when I push to Netlify, it’s not reading the script at all. I am using 11ty.

It’s publishing 101 files when it should be over 300 at this point. Not sure what to provide since it’s not even failing, it’s just skipping the script.

"prebuild": "node ./src/lib/generate-api-doc.js",

I also tried:

"prebuild": "node src/lib/generate-api-doc.js",

The issue is that the site was still using the eleventy build script. I changed it to npm run build and the site builds on Netlify without issues.

Hi @tjperry07 :wave:

Thank you so much for circling back and sharing your solution with us! It is always beneficial for folks who encounter similar situations, so we really appreciate it :slight_smile: