Not able to find a way to set the Sensitive variable policy

This section of the document says about setting the Sensitive variable policy:

It says we can do it this way,

" You can change this policy at any time in Site settings > Build & deploy > Environment > Sensitive variable policy .’

However I am not able to find the “Sensitive variable policy” option under, *Site settings > Build & deploy > Environment. Please help.

My app:

Does this take you there? :slight_smile: -

I can see this for my site:

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Hey Aaron,

Thanks for your response. I get the page not found when following the link you have specified.

However, this link takes me to the section to define ENV Variables(that I have done already):

I still do not see the sections to add the ‘Sensitive Variable Policy’. Is it something not available with the Free Plan as I am on it?

Looking forward to hearing from you.


Hi, @atapas. That is a setting to protect sites linked to public repositories. Your site doesn’t have that option because the repo is private.

If there are other questions, please let us know.


Thanks Luke!. I see that now… Maybe this information can be in documentation too? That it is available only for public repos. I have marked your response as a Solution.