Nodemailer Gmail smtp sending only to yahoomail and not to gmail

PLEASE help me solve this weird bug I’m facing.

I am using Nodemailer smtp to send emails from my mern stack application.
Everything has been working fine for months. Emails were sent fine and there was no error whatsoever.

Yesterday I discovered that emails are no longer sent to gmails. It sends to yahoo mail.

The weirdest part is that there are no errors and everything works fine. It logs “message sent” on the backend. The email is showing it has been sent on the sent box. But it never delivers to the gmail account. Only delivers to yahoo mail accounts. I’ve not tried other types of accounts.

Did you miss the news about Google (and Yahoo) introducing new measures to combat spam?

Chances are this is impacting you: messages are marked as spam a never delivered.

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Thanks for the response.
This has given me a pretty good idea where the problem may be coming from