Nodejs npmstart heroku etc

Hi. First post and I am new to nodejs and JS - although I do work with hugo and Css
as a hobbyist… so this is a beginner post… dont hate me :smiley:

Just wondering tho… since I started the 100daysofcode (just a fortnight ago) I threw myself into js and chose a twitter bot as my first project… happy when it worked so now I’m trying to do another using mysql to pull youtube links from a mysql db off ubuntu and post…

I’ll work my way through that… that is not the question.

The question is do we need sites like heroku to push to netlify for these sort of things or can netlify itself run the npmstart commands and/or offer the keep alive rather than the tools offered by heroku or the likes of uptimeŕobot?

Not after tuts, I’m enjoying my own learning journey… just wondering if this sort of thing is possible and any pointers.

Many thanks!

hey there! not sure i have an answer for you on your actual post but wanted to let you know that we :heart:beginners, newbies, hobby coders etc here in these forums! we try and be as encouraging and as welcoming as possible - feeling nervous to ask questions is terrible and so not the point, at least not here. :+1:

Welcome, and i’m sure we’ll get an actual answer to you soon…

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Many thanks… I’m sure I’ll be around for a while… I’m feeling brave and even signed up to the hacktober event…

Dont know what I will be able to offer but even if I can’t I’m sure I’ll be able to learn… :wink:

Hi, @ItsYorkshire. I think this support guide might have the some of the answers you are looking for:

If there are other questions after reading that, please let us know.

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Marvellous thanks…

I’ll go get my head stuck in and give it a good old peruse…