Node-sass styling issue

So I created a project in React using node-sass for styling. When I deploy the site using netlify, the styling is slightly off compared to what I see/design locally? For instance, the margins/padding are not the same at all, there are also some issues with Fonts as well. Do I need to add a specific type of build script or something because I can no longer use this service if I cannot trust that what I code is what I’ll get.

Netlify builds what you provide it, it doesn’t alter anything, that would kind of be insane. Try and build the website on your computer and upload it / test it somewhere. The result is likely the same as on Netlify.

Also check your packages, global and local ones. Does anything differ? I can’t say it enough “Your local dev server usually works completely different then in production mode, and the margin for error is much larger on a dev server before it fails”. The issue is guaranteed to be on your side, not Netlify.

Edit: It’s possibly you’re not pushing some CSS / SASS to Netlify, and it’s missing entirely. Based on what you’re saying, it sounds plausible it’s what’s happening. Inspect your code on the live website, is the css setting the margins and paddings actually present? Is something overriding it?