Node dependency doesn't contain package.json file

Since updating to the new Focal build image, I am unable to get the site to build on Netlify. It is building fine locally. I’m not sure why a dependency package wouldn’t have a package.json. I have tried clearing the cache and deploying also.

Thank you for any help looking into this.

Site name: quirky-payne-4debfd
Deploy Log: Netlify App

Hi @EvaRuthM - Welcome to our community! Sorry to hear of the trouble you are encountering while building your site.

I see you are attempting to build on Node 12.x which is going to encounter some varying errors, at this point. Your package.json might be there, but the location may have changed depending on where it defaults.

Our default image is Node 16.x. - You can review the current build image manifest here: build-image/ at focal · netlify/build-image · GitHub

For your reference, our documentation on managing dependencies has some helpful tips: Manage build dependencies | Netlify Docs