No way to have separate environment variables for production and netlify dev?

I’m trying to use Netlify functions for a post checkout stripe hook. However, I can only test if I set my environment variables in the web console to the test keys from stripe. Unfortunately, there’s no way to separate development environment variables from production environment variables. If I want to test changes to my cart in development I essentially have to disable checkout on my site while I do so.

Am I missing something?

hello! no you are not missing anything. this is a top request for us. you can follow



to track this. for now you’ll have to use a conditional like process.env.NODE_ENV != 'production' ? 'DEV_ENV_VAR' : 'PROD_ENV_VAR' or something similar for your env vars (i know its not great but its not a deal breaker either). thanks for your patience while we sort this out.

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While Shawn, Chris and the other great devs at Netlify solve this issue, you do have an option that takes a little to get your head around.

  • Make a new branch we will call testing (for example).
  • Go to and create a new site using the repository.
  • Setup the environment variables to the stripe test keys
  • Setup this site to have the Production branch (not really production) as testing

The testing branch might not be needed in this case, but might be a good workflow for site change tests also prior to a pull request.

Note: There might be some issues with domain resolution. Those might be a hindrance to this solution.