No ssl certificate for my custom domain

good day,
Please I need you to help me look into my ssl certificate as i am currently having issue with it being active even after activating the custom DNS both on netlify and at my namecheap domain too.
custom domain name:

hi there, how long ago did you make these changes?

it can take some time for DNS changes to be recognized.

Hi, @samogs, often just the apex or just the www subdomain will get covered by the SSL certificate. When that happens, you can update the certificate to cover both domain names by clicking the “Renew certificate” button found under Site Name > Settings > Domain management > HTTPS (which for that site is here).

I did click this already and the SSL certificate did renew to cover the www subdomain as well. Please reply anytime if there are other questions about this.

I think it actually has to do with time as @perry suggested. After about 48 hours, it is now working fine.
Thanks to other contributors too, I really Appreciate.