Nextjs prefetch caching

I am trying to understand the caching functionality of my nextJS app. I see the Cache-Status when I visit a new page from a full http request, and understand the responses from the Cache-Status in the headers.

My problem is I have a static site build with SPA next routing. On prefetch ( hover of a link) if prefetches the JSON file for the intended page. However the Cache-Status is always fwd=miss

How do I get it to cache those fetches? I know they get cached by nextjs as soon as they’ve been fetched once, but thats an application cache not a server cache. So if I refresh the page it has to go and get it again.

This might be the correct behaviour, I don’t know and don’t really understand it. If anyone could help that would be much appreciated.

@ecooffset If your question is just about Next, and not specifically about its operation on Netlify, you might want to try asking the Next community:

Thankyou @nathanmartin

It’s not specifically about Next, it’s more about how Netlify caches application requests.

e.g a NextJs prefetch request to a json file. This is always fwd=miss on Netlify. I want to understand how to make Netlify cache those requests

@ecooffset, did you try checking: Caching | Netlify Docs?

As for fwd=miss, it depends what CDN node serves your request. If it didn’t have a request cached, it would send that header.