NextJS ISR with Netlify not rendering pages

Netlify Site Name:

I am trying to setup ISR with NextJS and Netlify however, I’m running into some friction. I am not sure what I’m missing and the docs don’t explain how to configure this other than what NextJS requires to get ISR working.

Here is what’s going on. I am building and deploying NextJS ISR to Netlify and it builds and deploys just fine however, when I try to navigate to my site none of the pages are rendering - I have to go to .../server/pages/*.html to actually see the HTML but then none of the assets from _next/static/* are being loaded and well no CSS or JS on the page.

I noticed that Netlify does this:
Netlify configuration property “redirects” value changed to [
{ from: ‘/_next/static/*’, to: ‘/static/:splat’, status: 200 }


Does this mean, for ISR, I need to configure rewrite rules ? Any help would be greatly appreciated here.

Hey @hsheikhali,

The deploy that you’ve linked us to, seems to be a manual deploy and we can’t actively confirm what could have happened in that one. But, your current published deploy: seems to work fine. Have you solved this or do you still need help?