NextJS 14.1 and Netlify NextJS Runtime v5 not Building Locally using Netlify Build command

Hello I’m just reaching out for some support

I have a NextJS 14 solution on a monorepo, when trying to use the Netlify CLI to do a build I am getting the below error which I am struggling to debug. I have had to explicitly install the Netlify/plugin-nextjs as without this was always reverting to the v4 runtime. It is working fine when using the v4 Runtime. Can anyone point me in the right direction please

PS D:\DevrootArco\Arco\Commerce-Frontend> netlify build

We've detected multiple sites inside your repository
? Select the site you want to work with (Use arrow keys or type to search)
> frontend  apps\frontend  --filter frontend 
  @remkoj/optimizely-dxp-cli  packages\remkoj\optimizely-dxp-cli  --filter @remkoj/optimizely-dxp-cli 
  @remkoj/optimizely-dxp-nextjs  packages\remkoj\optimizely-dxp-nextjs  --filter @remkoj/optimizely-dxp-nextjs 
  @remkoj/optimizely-dxp-react  packages\remkoj\optimizely-dxp-react  --filter @remkoj/optimizely-dxp-react 
  @remkoj/optimizely-dxp-react-server  packages\remkoj\optimizely-dxp-react-server  --filter @remkoj/optimizely-dxp-react-
  @remkoj/optimizely-graph-client  packages\remkoj\optimizely-graph-client  --filter @remkoj/optimizely-graph-client 
(Move up and down to reveal more choices)

? Select the site you want to work with frontend  apps\frontend  --filter frontend

Netlify Build

❯ Version
  @netlify/build 29.36.1

❯ Flags
  dry: false
  offline: false
  packagePath: apps\frontend

❯ Current directory

❯ Config file
  No config file was defined: using default values.

❯ Context

❯ Using Next.js Runtime - v5.0.0

Cleaning up leftover files from previous builds

(Pre cleanup completed in 3ms)

@netlify/plugin-nextjs (onPreBuild event)

(@netlify/plugin-nextjs onPreBuild completed in 12ms)

Build command from Netlify app

$ yarn run build
→ Generating configuration file for website with domain:
→ Loaded website data, generating TypeScript code.
→ Writing code to: D:\DevrootArco\Arco\Commerce-Frontend\apps\frontend\src\site-config.ts
✔ Done
   ▲ Next.js 14.1.4
   - Environments: .env.local, .env
   - Experiments (use at your own risk):
     · instrumentationHook

   Creating an optimized production build ...
 ✓ Compiled successfully
 ✓ Linting and checking validity of types
 ✓ Collecting page data
   Generating static pages (5/7)  [==  ]
 ✓ Generating static pages (7/7)
 ✓ Collecting build traces
 ✓ Finalizing page optimization

Route (app)                              Size     First Load JS
┌ ○ /_not-found                          881 B          85.5 kB
├ ● /[lang]/[[...path]]                  37.8 kB         132 kB
├   └ /en
├ λ /api/auth/[...nextauth]              0 B                0 B
├ λ /api/content/publish                 0 B                0 B
├ λ /api/me/[[...path]]                  0 B                0 B
├ λ /api/me/consent                      0 B                0 B
├ ○ /manifest.webmanifest                0 B                0 B
├ ○ /robots.txt                          0 B                0 B
└ ○ /sitemap.xml                         0 B                0 B
+ First Load JS shared by all            84.6 kB
  ├ chunks/1dd3208c-e584ba0092b89950.js  53.4 kB
  ├ chunks/997-18b0fdbf65c5c120.js       29 kB
  └ other shared chunks (total)          2.2 kB

ƒ Middleware                             60.6 kB

○  (Static)   prerendered as static content
●  (SSG)      prerendered as static HTML (uses getStaticProps)
λ  (Dynamic)  server-rendered on demand using Node.js

→ Registering webhook target:

✔ Webhook already registered, no action needed

(build.command completed in 29.9s)

@netlify/plugin-nextjs (onBuild event)

(@netlify/plugin-nextjs onBuild completed in 2.4s)

Functions bundling

Packaging Functions from apps\frontend\.netlify\functions-internal directory:
 - ___netlify-server-handler\___netlify-server-handler.mjs

(Functions bundling completed in 2.1s)

Edge Functions bundling

Packaging Edge Functions from apps\frontend\.netlify\edge-functions directory:
 - ___netlify-edge-handler-src-middleware

(Edge Functions bundling completed in 3.9s)

@netlify/plugin-nextjs (onPostBuild event)

@netlify/plugin-nextjs (onEnd event)

(@netlify/plugin-nextjs onEnd completed in 11ms)

Save updated config

(options.onEnd completed in 2ms)

Plugin "@netlify/plugin-nextjs" failed

  Error message
  Error: Failed publishing static content

  Plugin details
  Package:        @netlify/plugin-nextjs
  Version:        5.0.0
  Repository:     git+
  npm link:
  Report issues:

  Error location
  In "onPostBuild" event in "@netlify/plugin-nextjs" from Netlify app and package.json

  Resolved config
    command: yarn run build
    commandOrigin: ui
    publish: D:\DevrootArco\Arco\Commerce-Frontend\apps\frontend\.next
    publishOrigin: ui
    - inputs: {}
      origin: ui
      package: '@netlify/plugin-nextjs'
PS D:\DevrootArco\Arco\Commerce-Frontend> 

Does running a build on Netlify via git solve the issue?

Yes the Build via Git Works its just locally “netlify build” I get the error above

Updating to plugin v5.1.1 has ratified the issue.

Hi, that’s good to hear. Thanks for coming back and sharing your solution with the community.