Next project builds fine on my local machine, but fails on Netify

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site Name: joyful-sundae-415913

I am hosting at first time on Netify. Not showing any errors. except: cammand didn’t finish within the time Limits.

I have read all the docs for deploying my Next.js App. this is last option for me getting help.

Hi @mthakur5, welcome.
Kindly post your deploy logs for me to help with the debugging.

You can learn how to get the logs by visiting the documentation page below.

Also if you want to learn how to share the logs visit the documentation link below.


Thank you for your response.

Whenever i am trying to see logs error 5 comes up in that tab in all browser. i couldn’t getting full log to see where it is stucking.

you can see my repository. when i trying to build in local. it is working fine. but not on Netify.

Hi @mthakur5 , I tried to deploy your application based on the GitHub repository you shared and it looks like your build is taking long to build.
After building the error logs don’t show.

However whiles the application was building the logs indicated that you were building each page and product during build which is the cause of longer build time.

I suggest you try to use server side rendering instead to building each page during deployment.

but when i build in local. it takes around 25 min not more than 27 min. i don’t know why i can’t see logs while building. & why it is taking time in netify?

Not sure if you’re still unable to see the logs, as I can see the logs for your site right now. In any case, if it takes 25 mins to build locally, it would obviously fail on Netlify as the default time limit is 15 mins on Netlify. We can bump it if you wish to, however you’re also logging too many lines in the build. Even that could slow your build to some extent, so it’s better to reduce the logs in your build especially if you don’t need those logs.

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Netify teams has increased my build time to 30 Min. so i don’t think build time is any issue. but i coudn’t find the exact issue while building on Netify. because when i build my app in local it takes around 25 Min.

i don’t know what to do?

New Update: it is strange. build is fine but not deploying.

The build logs are not working for you because you have printed over 75k lines in the build log, making the browser little unresponsive trying to render so much in the DOM. I’d advise not printig so much in the logs, as that also slows down the build.

what i should do? as build is perfectly fine but problem with deploying… as you see in last image.

I already mentioned. Reduce your logging. You don’t need to log every post to your build logs.

Got it. Thank you for suggestion but not working after remove all logs. very strange when i build in local it take 25 min. for all process. even i have tested with ec2 instance. why Netify not deploying same app?

As far as I can tell, your latest build of that site: Netlify App still logs many tens of thousands of lines. You’ll need to reduce the logging for our system to process your build well and show its logs well.

Sir, I have Reduced logs lines as i can do. as you can see that i have hosted on vercel right now. but i wanted to save few more dollars with Netify and integrations.

i don’t understood why some build but not deploying. sometime not build properly.

Yes the same problem am also facing please anyone help me .After deploying my layout.jsx and page.jsx was not showing which I was developed in my PC. I am using Nextjs14

still finding solution… but not found any issue with codes. this is Netify problems. i guess

As mentioned, you need to find out where all the logs in the build are coming from. Once you can control those logs, it can possibly work fine. There’s no need to log out each post from your CMS.

useless support. i suggest others to keep on vercel or others plateform. don’t think about save $1.