Next.js Runtime plugin builds on versions 4.0.0 - 4.25.0 will start failing on 11th November 2022

We will start failing builds on 11th November 2022 that have the Next.js Runtime plugin versions 4.0.0 to 4.25.0 specified in the project’s package.json. This is in order to mitigate a bug identified in these versions. The builds will break with a message similar to:

Error message
This site cannot be built because it is using an outdated version of the Next.js Runtime: @netlify/plugin-nextjs@4.16.0. Versions greater than 4.26.0 are recommended. To upgrade this plugin, please update its version in “package.json” to the latest version: 4.28.4. If you cannot use a more recent version, please contact Support for guidance.

To fix this update the package.json to the latest version and redeploy the site: "@netlify/plugin-nextjs": "4.28.4"

No action is required if the plugin version is not explicitly specified in package.json.