Next JS PWA Deployment

Hello , could someone explain to me why I cannot deploy my Nextjs PWA on netlify? On vercel I can deploy it easily but on netlify not.

Take in mind that before I added the PWA configuration my next js app was deployed on netlify, but since I added the PWA conf it is deployed but returns a 404 page. On the other hand, my app is deployed on vercel, whether I add PWA configuration or not.

Thank you in advance!

hi there, you should be able to do this - can you tell us a little more information, please? such as a sitename? thanks!

Hello @perry i am facing same issue… here is the

Hey there, @developerkumar :wave:

I am not seeing a 404 page, I am seeing the images i have shared below. Is this expected? If not, I think we will need a little more information here in order to assist you further! Please share your project repo and most recent build log. Thanks!

Thanks @hillary actually i fixed it by writing redirect rules in netlify.toml file

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Thanks for coming back and letting us know. Glad everything is working now! Happy building :rocket: