Next.js app is not deploying ( build failed )

i try to deploy my next.js app but it keeps failing at deploy with error message “Command failed with exit code 1: CI= npm run build” i already try npm run build command in build setting. i locally run build on my machine and its working fine. i dont know what is wrong please help
my git hub repo is " GitHub - The-CoderBoy/gaurav-website "

@gauravjoshi747 The error is this:

So your file ./pages/index.js is trying to load ../styles/home.module.css and it cannot be found.

Check your files and file references.



Just noticed your repo link so I’ve checked for you, the issue is case-sensitivity, Netlify’s build environment is case-sensitive. Either rename the file or change the reference so they match.

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thanks it working now

awesome! thanks for coming back and confirming you found a solution to your problem.