Next Auth session not clearing

I have deployed nextjs application with next-auth for authentication. But When I sign-out from my application I don’t clear session. When I refresh I the session is still there.

Note: I have deployed same application on vercel and it’s working fine.

After debugging more the cookies are being updated in server action.

Next.js Server Handler Logs

Browser cookies

As you can see cookie is still there in browser.

@juttameerhamza This sounds like something that would be better raised with the Next community:

The issue is not related to nextjs and next auth. I have tested on local machine and on vercel as well its working fine on them.

@juttameerhamza Thanks for adjusting to confirm that it’s working on Vercel.

Hopefully Netlify’s team can pinpoint why it’s behaving differently on Netlify.

Can’t do or say much without a reproduction. Let us know if you have one @juttameerhamza.