Newbie tries to add custom domain

Hello everyone.

Keep in mind I am an absolute newbie and I am trying to add a custom domain to my portfolio.
Yesterday I tried to add a custom domain that I buyed in porkbun. I have then added the name servers of netlify in the section of porkbun “AUTHORITATIVE NAMESERVERS”, which are:

This gave me an error when trying to access my website:

Today, I tried to access my website again and was still facing the same error, so I changed the DNS records in porkbun to match the one’s in netlify, which are:
(except that in netlify the TTL is 3600)

Am I doing something wrong? The website is still having the same error, and is not redirecting to, did I messed up in the DNS records of porkbun when I shouldn’t or is the DNS propagation not done yet?

Thank you!

Looks like this is resolved?

No, unfortunately I still get ERR_SSL_VERSION_OR_CIPHER_MISMATCH when entering my website with the new domain.

This definitely sounds like a local error. Try using a different browser/network/device.

I already tried in a lot of devices and browsers and still got that error. Is everything in the configuration correct?

Yup, everything configured well from our end. Your website works just fine:

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Just checked my phone and is working there too finally! Stil facing the same error on desktop but I think is a question of time until it works. Thanks for the help!