Newbie question on deploying project from Github that uses a separate server repo

My relevant Netlify site is

I’m a relative newbie. I built and tested it on localhost. For testing, I ran the site on npm run dev, but to receive form inputs I used a separate small app that uses an Express Server on another port to listen and handle the POST requests. It’s a static site at early learning stages. I could also create a Github repo of that. There is no storage or database yet. The form data submissions (at this time just an email and password) are being directed to a subdirectory of the main site. There is some minor front end error checking and redirection to the main site /login and a fake hidden /members directory. Right now it will only work if I also have both my local servers running.

I had wanted to be able to deploy this to Netlify, but have no idea where to begin. From some reading, I think you have AWS serverless Lambda functions that might work for this. I did take a long course on AWS serverless APIs in which I used Lambda, but I wonder if going specifically with AWS Lambda is the solution.

Is there some way to deploy this to Netlify and have that second server that handles data submission from input forms on the site? I don’t know if you can look at my files to briefly see what the code is doing on the submission of the forms. I would appreciate any direction. Thanks in advace.

I just found this article, It sounds lie a possible path. The server I used was an Express Server.

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My first question is - are you trying to deploy both parts of the app on netlify? the frontend shouldn’t be a problem, just connect the repo to netlify or even drag n drop if it doesn’t need a build step and you should be close to done. But if you are trying to deploy the server part or add data storage, that might get tricky.

i recommend this post as a good first starting point, to understand whether we can support your backend or not so much:

give that a read through, and let us know which questions you have.

Thanks, yes, I already do have the main site on netlify. I created a github repo and easily deployed it. I also did some searching and found instructions on setting up a serverless function server on netlify as well. Adding actual data storage is a bit down the line for me. I did that in an AWS serverless API course and have that project running in an S3 bucket on Route 54 there with a simple DynamoDB. I figured out how to create and deploy an Experss http server on netlify. Now I have to figure out the changes I have to make to have input forms submitted from my main site to the netlify server. I had it all working perfectly from my computer running two servers, one hosting the site, and the other handling the requests. I want the whole thing on netlify as I proceed with the project to get to a small database with server side authentication. I’m reading your support guide right now and I’m encouraged.

I checked. My question has not been answered or resolved.

hi there, are you still needing assistance from us in that case?